A Fiba Group company, Fibabanka offers financial products and services formed in accordance with the needs and expectations of its customers, on both national and international platforms, with a high-quality, uninterrupted, reliable service approach through its specialist staff. Providing the fastest, most reliable and accurate service to the customers our in retail, commercial and corporate segments is the focus of our professional banking concept.

Our mission;

  • Create a strong, versatile and performance-oriented team, distinguished in the sector with its excellence and prestige.
  • Become the first choice for employees of high potential and qualification.
  • Become the leader in national and international platforms with the quality of our products and services, and ensure continued performance development.

In line with this mission, we shape our human resources policies with the understanding of “human resources” as the key component of success. Within our framework of modern and development-oriented management approach, we support our employees in acquiring new skills, information, and experience.

As we share a common vision, strategic values and goals, we also know we contribute to the Bank’s present, acknowledge our responsibility of creating a successful future, and we move forward with confidence as a team. In short, we support and grow with each other.

With this awareness and belief, Fibabanka,

  • Utilizes a system of selection and placement that allows candidates with high potential and qualifications to be employed in areas compatible with their knowledge and skills, with a workforce planning that covers the entire organization.
  • Embraces the dynamic, innovative and creative organizational structure required in a competitive market; adding speed and efficiency to decision-making and action-taking processes.
  • Implements a development-oriented performance evaluation system that evaluates employees by added value, serving as the foundation of their personal and professional development programs.
  • Organizes internal and external training programs to support its employees’ personal and professional development, and enhance their motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Employs a balanced wage policy in line with market and competition; based on task and performance and supplemented by side benefits.

In Fibabanka we create career opportunities directly related to potential and performance, matching each candidate’s qualities and qualifications. We closely monitor our employees’ professional developments to provide them temporary and permanent career opportunities in our Head Office and branches, as well as in financial institutions that operate in Turkey and other countries under the Fiba Group.

We invite highly confident and skilled candidates that embrace quality as a lifestyle and value personal and professional development to take their part in this dynamic and strong structure. If you fit this description, you can apply to the open positions announced on our website, and enjoy the privilege of being a part of Fibabanka.


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