With the strength of our knowledge, we stand by our farmers and all our investors giving life to agriculture in this country!

Agricultural Loans are for corporate agricultural enterprises and farmers with the income earned from agricultural activities.

The maturity of the loans is usually once in a year, is determined by the date of harvest of products subject to agricultural activities.

Working Capital Loan

These are loans which are given in order to provide all kinds of agricultural input such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and seedlings that farmers and agricultural enterprises need within a production period. The maturity is maximum 1 year.

  • Agricultural Spot Loan
  • Agricultural Revolving Loan
  • Agricultural Overdraft Account

Investment Loans

Investment Loans enable farmers and agricultural enterprises to increase agricultural production capacity, modernize or be available for investment in new plant installations. The maturity is over 1 year.

  • Tractor Loans
  • Land Purchase Loan
  • Machine/Equipment Loans
  • Greenhouse Loan
  • Fruit Growing Loans
  • Tarımsal İşletme Edindirme Kredisi
  • Agricultural Business Acquisition Loan
  • Investment Loans with Projects
  • Grant Supported Loans (IPARD, KKYDP)

Other Loans

Loans for non-agricultural financial needs of farmers.

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Car Loans

If you want to benefit from agricultural loans, you are invited to Gaziantep, Şehitkamil (Gaziantep), Suburcu (Gaziantep), Şanlıurfa, Mersin, Nilüfer (Bursa), Diyarbakır, Adana, Atatürk Caddesi (Adana), Aksu (Antalya), Konya Büsan, Çorlu (Tekirdağ) ve Kayseri Çarşı branches.

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