IPARD - Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development

Fibabanka offers the most favorable conditions in the Letter of Intent and IPARD Pre-financing Loans to our farmers and our investors grant awarded by the program under the IPARD operated by Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency!

Subject to the following investments, between 50% and 65% grant supports can be offered covered by the IPARD Grant Program;

  • Investment in milk producing agricultural holdings
  • Processing and Marketing of Milk and Dairy Products
  • Investment in meat producing agricultural holdings
  • Processing and Marketing of Meat and Meat Products
  • Processing and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Processing and Marketing of Fishery Products
  • Beekeeping and Honey Production
  • Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Featured Plants
  • Ornamental Plant Breeding
  • Cultural Fishing

For the detailed information about IPARD Grant Program, click here.

You can get detailed information from Bursa, Şanlıurfa, Denizli, Mersin ve Konya Büsan branches and apply for the Credit Letter of Intent or IPARD Loans.

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