Export Against Prepayment

It is the type of transaction in which companies collect the cost of the goods and services to be exported before the export transaction takes place.

Export Against Documents

It is the type of service where the documents pertaining to the receipt of the goods shipped to another country by the exporter company are delivered to the buyer through our bank via the advising bank on condition that the cost of the goods are paid.

Export Against Goods

It is a foreign trade method in which the exporter ships the goods, sends the relevant documents directly to the buyer, and collects the associated cost following customs clearance procedure.

Export Against Bank Acceptance

It is a type of export transaction in which the exporter company ships the goods and makes collection on a date agreed upon with the buyer and as specified in the policy.

Export Against Letter of Credit

It is the type of export in which the bank of the importer pledges to make payment to the exporter company based on the documents of the goods and services that have been detailed.

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