Revolving Loans

It is the type of loan that you can use without restrictions within a defined credit line in order to meet the short-term cash requirement of your enterprise. Interest is repaid periodically (monthly or quarterly) and the interest rate varies in parallel with market conditions.

Spot Loan and Closing Option Spot Loan

It is the type of loan through which you can borrow a lump sum to meet the short-term cash requirement of your enterprise with a fixed maturity and interest rate, and pay back the whole sum at maturity as capital plus accrued interest. In spot loans, fixing the maturity and interest rate protect you against possible fluctuations in the market.

Installment Commercial Loan

It is the type of loan that is extended for lump sum use. It differs based on the needs of your enterprise, reaches up to 60 months of maturity, and is repaid monthly and in equal installments as capital + interest + other deductions within the defined maturity period. Depending on your needs, you can leverage on Fibabanka’s expertise and benefit from this loan for financing your operating capital or investments.

Installment Vehicle Loan

It is the type of loan that is extended to finance the purchase or renewal of your company vehicles/fleet. It may be paid in equal installments. It offers long-term financing opportunities for your company. You could use it for second-hand or new vehicles.

Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan is provided as foreign currency from abroad by individuals settled in Turkey. It is extended for lump sum use in TL through banks. Since there is no maturity restriction, it provides payment flexibility. You can invest in your enterprise with no payment difficulty.

Foreign Exchange Loans

There is an export requirement for loans extended in TL or FX for exports, for sales and deliveries qualifying as exports, and for services and operations that bring FX yield, therefore your enterprise is required to bear potential for exports. You can borrow the loan under reasonable payment conditions and maturity before the shipment of goods you will export. The loans benefit from tax, duties, and RUSF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) exemptions.

Workplace Loans

It is the type of loan for financincing the purchase of a workplace. The maturity is up to 60 months and the loan may be repaid in equal installments.

FX-Indexed Loans

It is the type of loan for our companies incurring foreign currency revenues due to FX risk. It may be extended as BCH, spot or installment loan. Contrary to FX Loans, it does not bring an export liability.

Eximbank Loans

It is the type of loan that Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Eximbank) extends to exporter companies with a view to support the development of exports. It aims to provide a cheap source of financing for export of goods with Turkish origin that are identified by Eximbank upon a commitment to repay in foreign currency. Eximbank loans require an export commitment from the borrower since they provide exemption from taxes, duties and RUSF. Foreign currency that is accrued through export of the goods must be brought in to the country within a given period of time and under certain conditions for the exporter to have fulfilled its commitment.

Discount/ Redemption Loan

It is a type of loan that provides short-term funding. Upon payment of a certain interest rate and deduction of expenses, your short-term bills (cheques, promissory notes, etc.) arising from your company’s commercial transactions are liquidated before maturity.

Commercial Overdraft Account

It is the type of loan defined to your deposit account in order to meet your company’s small, short-term cash requiremens. It enables you to pay timely without any concern of delay in payment of your cheques, invoices, and other regular payments.

Warehouse Financing

It is a short-term financing instrument against the guarantee of your goods in the warehouse until the shipment date.

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