Gold Account

Gold Account

The secret to secure gold savings lies at Fibabanka Gold Account! Without the risk of theft or loss, or labor costs, Fibabanka Gold Account offers you the privilege of investing in gold with safety and reliability.

  • What Does the Gold Account Offer?
  • What You Need to Know

Do not keep your savings at home, let Fibabanka Gold Account add value to them. Gold Account eliminates the disadvantages of traditional gold investment methods. Let Gold Account reflect its advantages on your savings.

You do not have to worry about the underweight, low karat or overdate. Come save gold in your account safely without the risk of theft or loss, or labor costs. Also, Gold Account does not require you to pay the account maintenance fee!

You can open a Gold Account from our nearest Branch and start to carry out buy/sell transactions easily through Fibabanka Internet Banking.

  • If your savings are in TRY, the amount of gold in grams is calculated based on the gram price in TRY, if the savings are in USD, then it is based on the gram price in USD and the amount of gold is reflected in "g" (grams) in your account.
  • In your gold buying/selling transactions that you carry out through your TRY or USD demand deposit accounts, you proceed as if you are buying or selling FX in 1 gram and its multiples.
  • Transactions are made within your Gold Account and there is no physical delivery of gold
  • The purity of gold which is subjected to buying/selling is 995/1000.
  • You can transfer gold in grams from the Demand Deposit Gold Account to all gold accounts.
  • Interest does not accrue on Demand Deposit Gold Accounts.
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