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Regular Payments

Regular Payments

The convenience that prevents the delay of your payments is waiting for you in Fibabanka.

  • What Do Regular Payments Offer?

Regular Payments

Regular payments offered by Fibabanka automatically makes your regular payments and eliminates any possibility of delayed payments thanks to its credit feature that allows payment even if the balance of the Demand Deposit Account is insufficient!

What Do Regular Payments Offer?

By making a single order you can make sure the payments you have to make such as the rent, building fee and installments are automatically made from your account to our Bank and to other banks as well as any other company, institution or person.

If you are short on cash or the balance of your Demand Deposit Account is insufficient, you can make your payments with ease through the credit feature that can easily be provided to you.

Come visit us at our nearest branch to get to know this product that makes payments easy and monitors the process for you.

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