Money order/ EFT

You may realize all your EFT/ money order transactions easily and securely through our Internet banking, our branches, or other channels.

Cheques and Bonds

You can make your payments using the TL and foreign currency checkbooks of our bank and regulate your cash flow.

Continuous Cheque Printing Program

If you are paying by cheque regularly and frequently, you can supply our Fibabanka Continuous Cheque Printing Program from our branches, prepare your cheques in the electronic setting, and save time and operational workload while you enjoy ease of reporting.

Blocked Check

It is possible to make out cheques against a given credit limit or cash for payments your company shall make on behalf of public or private enterprises.

Bill Payments

1. Bill Payments

You may pay your bills through all our branches, Fibabanka Internet Banking branch ( or 444 88 88 Fibabanka Telephone Banking. You may also perform your TL deposit transactions.

2. Automatic Payment Order

You may issue an automatic payment order at all our branches, Fibabanka Internet Banking branch and 444 88 88, and pay your utilities, phone, mobile phone, Internet, cable TV and digital TV bills on time through your demand deposit account or overdraft account within the defined limit.

Lump Sum Payments

You may perform all EFT, money order, bank transfer order or foreign currency transfer order transactions in the electronic environment.

Payment Orders

You may perform your future EFT payments at our bank, and ensure your personal or company payment transactions are performed when you are not able to attend to it at work in person. Social Security Institution (SSI) Payments You may pay all your SSI premiums through all our banking channels.

Regular Payments

You may make your regular payments (i.e. rent, maintenance fees, etc.) on an automatic basis upon an instruction for automatic deduction of the amount from your accounts.

Salary Payments

You may specify a date and amount for salary payments of your staff. The amount shall automatically be transferred to their accounts upon your instruction.

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