About Fibabanka Private Banking

Fibabanka Private Banking provides customers with Fiba Group's experience in the banking sector, products and services tailored for their needs.
Beyond the traditional banking approach, Fibabanka Private Banking offers tailor-made alternatives to Private Banking customers by creating special solutions in line with the customer risk profile and return expectations, while also considering the investment habit and expectations. 
Fibabanka Private Banking commits to provide the fastest and most special private banking service to the Private Banking customers through its customer representatives expert in their fields, with mutual trust and customer confidentiality values in mind.

  • Our Approach
  • Who Can Be Eligible for Private Banking?
  • Private Banking Branches

At Fibabanka Private Banking, we strive to focus on providing innovative services beyond the traditional banking through solutions that best meet the individual risk profile and return expectations.

Therefore we take notice of the customer confidentiality values, trust and professionalism principles and aim to make their lives easier through the special solutions and advantages we provide for banking transactions.

We are more than just a bank with our tailor-made products and services, service approach with a focus on being there for you and our expert staff, and always work for the best in line with your income, risk profile, needs and goals.


Who Can Be Eligible for Private Banking?

Contact us now to benefit from our exclusive services as Fibabanka Private Banking customer!

You can now start benefiting from tailor-made services as Private Banking customer if your savings amount at Fibabanka is TRY 1,000,000 and above.

To learn more about our exclusive Private Banking service, you can visit our service centers or call our Private Banking Advisory Service at 444 48 44.

Private Banking Branches

We are always there for you with our Private Banking Headquarters and 12 Private Banking branches. Our Private Banking customer representatives would be more than happy to help you with special services and solutions. 

Private Banking Headquarters

  • Etiler Branch - Private Banking Headquarters

Our branches with Private Customer Representatives: 

  • Etiler Branch
  • Nişantaşı Branch
  • Yeşilköy Branch
  • Yıldız/Ankara Branch
  • Şaşkınbakkal Branch
  • Merkez Branch
  • Kalamış Branch
  • İzmir Branch
  • Levent Çarşı Branch
  • Şişli Branch
  • Necatibey/Ankara Branch
  • Kozyatağı Branch