Kiraz Account

Kiraz Account brings together the freedom of demand account with the yield of the time! Kiraz Account and its advantageous overnight interest rates allow you to spend your money as you wish without breaking the maturity.

  • What Does Kiraz Account Offer?
  • What You Need to Know

Managing savings requires determination, strategy, patience and Kiraz Account! Kiraz Account offers advantages to your savings habit and enables you to utilize the cash you need whenever you want.

In Kiraz Account, which you can open in TRY, USD, EUR and Gold (XAU) your savings gain value day by day in overnight time deposit and you can quickly carry out all of your banking transactions in TRY, USD, EUR and Gold (XAU) demand deposit accounts.

Product Advantages:

  • The advantage of spending your money without lowering its value while saving,
  • High interest rates for overnight deposits,
  • Welcome Interest Rate for 60 days, and high Continuation Interest Rates thereafter,

Other Advantages:

  • Free-of-charge EFT/money order transactions via our Mobile Banking application and Internet Banking.
  • *The privilege of 3 times free cash withdrawals from all bank ATM’s in Turkey,

You can apply for a Kiraz Account with advantageous interest rates over at Fibabanka Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking at 444 88 88 and our branches and swiftly open your account.

*In addition to other ATM’s partnerships, 3 cash withdrawal transactions will be free of charge. Please click here for further information.
Customers who have minimum 20 days of accurring overnight interest in Kiraz account will benefit from Free 3 cash withdrawal in the following month.
Fibabanka A.Ş. has the authority to stop and / or change the product advantages and conditions at any time.

  • Real and Legal(1) persons can benefit from our Kiraz Account product.
  • You can open a Kiraz Account in TRY,  USD or EUR but can have only one Kiraz Account in the same currency. If a Kiraz Account is opened from a joint account, the main owner cannot open a new account if they already have an open Kiraz Account for the same foreign currency from another account. The Welcome Interest will not apply again even if different Kiraz Accounts are created in different times.
  • The Welcome Interest Rate is the interest rate that will apply when the minimum demand and time Kiraz Account sub-limits for the foreign currency related to the balance of account are achieved after the Kiraz Account is created. This rate will be fixed and continue without interruptions for 60 days for the duration of the Welcome Interest Rate on the basis of the customer. This means that when the account is created, the 60-day Welcome Interest Rate period will not begin if the balance of account does not reach the related limits.
  • In order for your account to gain interest yield, your account balance must exceed the sub-limit you determined. The demand deposit account sub-limits determined by our Bank is provided in the table below (2). They start at TRY  1,000for real persons and at TRY 5,000 for legal persons in TRY Kiraz Accounts. In USD Kiraz Accounts the minimum demand sub-limit is USD 1,500 for both real and legal persons. In USD Kiraz Accounts the minimum demand sub-limit is USD 2,000 for both real and legal persons. You can set a higher sub-limit for TRY, USD and EUR Kiraz Account demand deposit for your cash needs. Time deposit limits are minimum TRY 1,000 for real persons, TRY 5,000 for legal persons and maximum TRY 500,000 for real and legal persons in TRY Kiraz Accounts. In USD and EUR Kiraz Accounts, the limits are minimum USD 1,000 and maximum USD 150,000 for real and legal persons.
  • When you open a Kiraz Account, High Welcome Interest is applied for the first 60 days. After the 60-day period ends, the Continuation Interest Rate that varies depending on the following amounts will apply. The related interest rate will vary daily in line with the balance of the account, depending on the discretion of our Bank.
  • Amounts deposited before 17:00 in business days will be evaluated on the value date of the day, while those deposited after 17:00 will be evaluated on the basis of the next day's value date.
  • With Kiraz Account, you can deposit and withdraw money, access your account whenever you want during the day and carry out many banking transactions such as EFT (within EFT process hours), money order and transfer as well as withdrawing money from the ATM. In addition, your regular payments (credit card, bills, loan payments) for which you made an order will be done automatically done from your Kiraz Account. Money withdrawals in USD may only be performed at Fibabanka branch offices.
  • The fees of our Bank will apply for the EFT/Money Order/SWIFT transactions made from your account.
Foreign Currency Kiraz Account Range of Time Deposit Amount* Demand Sub-Limit Amount (2) Welcome Interest Rate** Continuation Interest Rate***
TRY1.000 - 9.999 TRY 1.000 TRY 11.50%9.25%
10.000 - 24.999 TRY 2.500 TRY 9.50%
25.000 - 49.999 TRY 3.500 TRY 9.75%
50.000 - 99.999 TRY 3.500 TRY 10.00%
100.000 - 249.999 TRY 5.000 TRY 10.25%
250.000 - 500.000 TRY 10.000 TRY 10.50%
USD 1.000 - 14.999 USD 750 USD 2.25%1.25%
15.000 - 24.999 USD 1.000 USD 1.50%
25.000 - 74.999 USD 2.000 USD 1.75%
75.000 - 150.000 USD 2.500 USD 2.00%
EUR 1.000 - 14.999 EUR 750 EUR 0.60% 0.20%
15.000 - 24.999 EUR 1.000 EUR
25.000 - 74.999 EUR 2.500 EUR 0.40%
75.000 - 150.000 EUR 3.500 EUR 0.40%
Gold (XAU) (1) 250 - 1.000 gram 10 gram %0,75
1.001 - 2.500 gram 50 gram


(1) Our legal person customers can obtain detailed information about opening a Kiraz Account via Fibabanka branches and Telephone Banking at 444 88 88.

(2) Demand Sub-Limits stated in the table will apply as of 13/12/2018. Until such time, the current Demand Sub-Limits will continue to apply.

* Kiraz Account Time Amounts may differ for real and legal person customers. Demand Deposit Minimum Limit and Amount Range of Kiraz Time Deposit Account can change according to customer types. You can get more information on the topic from Fibabanka branches and Telephone Banking at 444 88 88.

Demand Sub-Limit is determined based on the total balance of the Kiraz Account. After the Demand Sub-Limit is extracted from the total balance, the amount left in the account is utilized in Time Deposit and the related Continuation Interest Rate that corresponds to the remaining amount will apply.

** The above-mentioned interest rates are gross interest rates before withholding. Fibabanka reserves the right to change such rates in line with the market conditions. For the calculation of interest yield, the number of days in one year is deemed as 365 for non-leap years and 366 for leap years. Welcome Interest Rate will apply for 60 days for new Kiraz Accounts. After 60 days, Continuation Interest will be applied.

** Welcome Interest Rate will be valid for 60 days after the minimum foreign exchange balance stated above, for which interest rate will apply for the new Kiraz Accounts, is achieved. Following the 60-day period, Continuation Interest Rate that varies based on the above-mentioned amounts will be applied. The related interest rate will vary daily in line with the balance of the account, depending on the discretion of our Bank.