Deposit and Investment Products

Fibabanka and our professional investment team are here to help you make use of your savings in Turkish Liras or foreign currency via products that are tailored to your investment needs! Let's decide together how we are going to manage your savings via the Deposit and Investment Products that we diversify with different risk distributions, interest rates and privileges.


Kiraz Account

Kiraz Account brings together the freedom of demand account with the yield of the time! Kiraz Account and its advantageous overnight interest rates allow you to spend your money as you wish without breaking the maturity.




Perform your foreign exchange and precious metal trading transactions easily with FibaFX, our next-generation currency and precious metal trading service, through our Mobile and Internet Banking channels.



Time Deposit Account Products

Fibabanka Time Deposit Account Products offer the chance to earn risk-free returns with a fixed income and special interest rates without getting affected by any fluctuations that may take place in the market interest rates



Demand Deposit Account

The fastest and the easiest way of performing daily banking transactions is at Fibabanka Demand Deposit Account.



Gold Account

Without the risk of theft or loss, or labor costs, Fibabanka Gold Account offers you the privilege of investing in gold with safety and reliability.


Yatırım Fonları

Mutual Funds

You can make the investment with the risk and maturity profile that is most suitable for your enterprise in various mutual funds of different compositions through the Fibabanka Portföy Funds.


Diger Yatırım urunleri

Investment Products

Enjoy lots of investment products including Equity, Eurobond, Private Sector Bonds, Treasury Bills and Government Bonds, FX and Parity Transactions, Derivative Products and Mutual Funds at Fibabanka. It is time to meet Fibabanka Investment Products to add value to your savings!


Gold Transfer System

At Fibabanka, all customers are offered the opportunity to transfer grams of gold from all accounts in other banks included in the ‘Gold Transfer System’ or to transfer between both their own accounts and other gold accounts in Fibabanka.