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Other Products and Services

We are always by your side with our products and services to make life easier. 

It is now very easy to reach various products and services that you need, such as Pension Payments that come with advantages for the pensioners and facilitate banking transactions, Western Union that enables you to carry out money transfer easily and safely within minutes, cheque transactions that ensure the safety of your cash and safe-deposit box services. 

You can obtain detailed information to benefit from the Fibabanka services and advantages by visiting our branches.

  • Transfer on Duty
  • Pension Payments
  • Western Union
  • Regular Payments
  • Check Services
  • Safe-Deposit Box

A first from Fibabanka in the Turkish banking sector: Transfer on Duty!

Fast and easy banking period has begun for all Fibabanka customers. Transfer on Duty is our new inter-bank remittance service which is provided for all Fibabanka customers to transfer money out of EFT hours and weekends. Having an access of Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is enough to make money transfer instantly.

What are the advantages of Transfer on Duty?

  • Inter-bank remittance service allows you to transfer money out off EFT hours and weekends.
  • Transfer on Duty transactions could be executed from Fibabanka Internet Banking and Fibabanka Mobile Banking application.
  • Transfer on Duty process time is completed approximately in 20 minutes.
  • The commission fee, including bank charge and service charge of intermediary firm, is TRY 8.
  • The payee banks of Transfer on Duty service include Akbank, DenizBank, Garanti Bank, Halkbank, QNB Finansbank, VakıfBank and Ziraat Bank.
  • Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri and Elektronik Para A.Ş. is intermediary firm of Transfer on Duty.

Pension Payments

Transfer your pension payments to Fibabanka and enjoy benefits! Transfer your pension payments to Fibabanka to earn a cash pension promotion up to TRY 750.

What Do the Pension Payments Offer?

Opportunities are always at the ready in our Bank!

If you undertake to receive your pension payment from our Bank for 3 years, you can earn a cash pension promotion up to TRY 750. 

In addition, you can withdraw your pension from our branches and ATMs as well as all other İş Bankası Bankamatiks across Turkey without paying any fee/commission

We have more advantages for the pensioners! Special prices and useful products in banking transactions also await you. You do not pay an account maintenance fee for the banking transactions. You can carry out from all channels, primarily from the Fibabanka branches, and benefit from retail loan and deposit interest rates exclusive to you.

Come visit us at our nearest branch to benefit from the opportunities suited for your needs and cash pension promotion to make the best of your retirement.

What You Need to Know

  • In line with the agreement concluded with the Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution (SSI), customers retired from SSI (Retirement Fund, SSK and Bağ-Kur) who wish to receive their pension from our Bank are eligible to receive promotion provided that they commit to receive their pension payment from our Bank for 3 years.
  • The promotion payments on basis of pension are as follows:
  • TRY 500 for pensions less than TRY 1,500 (not including TRY 1,500)
  • TRY 625 for pensions between TRY 1,500 - 2,500 (not including TRY 2,500)
  • TRY 750 for pensions exceeding TRY 2,500

What Does Western Union Offer?

Transferring money across the world is now easy, safe and fast. Robust infrastructure of Western Union will make things easy for you thanks to its 437,000+ service centers and extended network in over 200 countries and regions.

This system allows you to carry out your money transfer transactions without needing an account and complete your money transfer within minutes through Western Union's extended network without paying receiver commission.

You can receive detailed information by visiting Fibabanka branches and via Telephone Banking at 444 88 88.

What You Need to Know

  • You can send and receive TRY, US Dollars and equivalent Euro currencies with Western Union. Transaction limits vary depending on whether you are sending or receiving the money, the currency and the country.
  • You can carry out your money transfer transactions at all Fibabanka branches by filling out the "Western Union Money Transfer" form that you can obtain from our Western Union official and paying the commission fee and presenting a valid identification.
  • After you complete the money transfer, you can give the receiver the money transfer control number (MTCN) you will be provided by the customer representative so that they can quickly receive the money.

Regular Payments

Regular payments offered by Fibabanka automatically makes your regular payments and eliminates any possibility of delayed payments thanks to its credit feature that allows payment even if the balance of the Demand Deposit Account is insufficient!

What Do Regular Payments Offer?

By making a single order you can make sure the payments you have to make such as the rent, building fee and installments are automatically made from your account to our Bank and to other banks as well as any other company, institution or person..

If you are short on cash or the balance of your Demand Deposit Account is insufficient, you can make your payments with ease through the credit feature that can easily be provided to you.

Come visit us at our nearest branch to get to know this product that makes payments easy and monitors the process for you.

Check Services

If you want to facilitate your payments by making your purchases of goods and services and other deferred payments against cheques, our Cheque Services are perfect for you! Fibabanka offers you the chance to facilitate payments, accelerate cash flow and keep records of your activities by using cheque books in TRY or FX. 

If you have a defined cheque book limit at our Bank, you can request a new cheque book, track your cheque requests or cancel them through Fibabanka Internet Banking.

Safe-Deposit Box

Your cash, valuables or assets are safe at Fibabanka. Take some precaution against the risk of loss and theft and trust Fibabanka safe-deposit box service with your valuables.

What Does Safe-Deposit Box Service Offer?

Enjoy the advantage of protecting your valuables and assets in safe-deposit boxes for fees set by Fibabanka. Our extended safe-deposit box network and three sizes suitable for every need, namely the small, medium and large boxes, will make your safe-deposit box transactions smoother.

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