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Become a customer with Fibabanka Corporate Mobile and swiftly and easily manage your business needs or agricultural activities.

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Easily become a Fibabanka member without leaving your workplace, meet your cash needs immediately with Fast Loan!

With Fibabanka Corporate Mobile, which offers a banking experience that will make your life easier, you can become a Fibabanka customer and start to benefit from our banking services instantly.

In order to allocate more time to your workplace or farm and to carry out your banking transactions quickly, you can download the Fibabanka Corporate Mobile application to your phone by scanning the QR code below, and you can easily become our customer with Video Banking.

Wherever our customers are, so are we as Fibabanka!

Who are eligible to become a Fibabanka customer via Video Call?

Any realperson, who is currently not a Fibabanka customer, has a chip Turkish ID card, is resident in Turkey, has turned 18 years old, and any sole proprietorship can become a customer instantly by conducting a video call through Fibabanka Mobile.

What are the matters to be taken into consideration?

In order to become a customer via a video call, you must have your chip Turkish ID card in your possession and be in a well-lit and quiet environment.

What is Face Verification (Biometric Verification)?

In order for you to become a customer via our Video Banking service, you must grant your consent for biometric verification and for the processing of your special categories of personal data, which are specified among your identity details.

When can I use the Video Banking service?

Our Video Banking service is available between 09.00 and 00.00 on any day, including public holidays and weekends.

How can I conduct a Virtual POS or EFT/FAST transaction?

For your security, we offer two methods to verify your identity through the Video Banking channel. Accordingly, in order to become a customer; you can either conduct a transaction of TRY 1 with a debit card, credit card or prepaid card of yours issued by another bank or transfer any amount of money from an account of yours with another bank to your account to be opened with our Bank.

Can I receive the amount collected for the Virtual POS or EFT/FAST transaction?

The amount of TRY 1 that is charged on your card will be returned to your card after the transaction. If you have transferred funds via EFT/FAST, the amount transferred will be transferred to your account opened with our Bank after the activation thereof.

  • Once your details are verified by Fibabanka, you will be contacted by our customer representative via Video Banking in order to become a customer. Therefore, please make sure you are in a quiet and well-lit environment before starting to use the app.


  • Avoid using such accessories as sunglasses and masks that could impede face recognition during the call.


  • Make sure that front-facing and rear-facing cameras of your phone are functional, and check your Internet connection. Your phone's camera must be on during the call.


  • During the call, we may ask you to use your phone’s NFC (Near Field Communication) feature. Therefore, make sure that the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature, which is accessible through your phone’s settings, is enabled.


  • You are required to have a chip Turkish ID card for remote identification.

  • The information on your ID card must be legible. We cannot proceed with a damaged ID card.


  • You can find any and all details you must take into consideration in relation to the security of our channels of communication through this link.

  • For remote identification purposes, you must download the Fibabanka Mobile and apply by clicking the "I Want to Become a Customer" button on the application login page before the video call starts.
  • Once the entire identification process is complete by means of such technologies as NFC (Near Field Communication) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition); you can become a customer in no time by having a video call with a customer representative.
  • For verification purposes; you can instantly become a customer by conducting a transaction in the amount of TRY 1 from your card issued by another bank (the amount will be returned to you), or you can activate your account by transferring any amount of money from another bank account registered in your name to your newly opened account at our Bank and having your identity verified.
  • Make sure that the details you enter to the application form through the course of the process are up-to-date and complete. Please provide complete and clear answers to the questions asked.
  • Make sure that the video and audio quality is adequate to leave no room for doubt and prevent any restriction through the course of identification.
  • The whole process will be conducted with you and only you during the call. Therefore, for the sake of your account and transaction security, do not receive assistance or support from any third party.
  • Make sure that you receive detailed information from our customer representative via Video Banking before you end the call. Our customer representative will answer your questions and confirm the relevant matters or inform you about any additional steps that you may be required to take.