Internet Banking

Agricultural Banking

Fibabanka introduces its agricultural banking products that address any and all financing needs of farmers and all agribusinesses!


Agricultural Banking Products

It is about the time you introduced the loans, which offers repayment terms that fit your needs while enabling you to address your cash support needs in order to maintain or enhance your agricultural activities, to yourself! Our Agricultural Banking products allow you to access the solutions that best fit your needs with advantageous interest rates and repayment maturity term options.



Insurance Products

We are there to support our producers and farmers with our Agricultural Insurance Products, which have been designed to address their needs for protection from and coverage against natural disasters and other potential risks!



Tarım POS

Tarım POS allows you to normally collect from your customers the amounts owed to you in respect of such agricultural input needs as fuel, fertilizer, seeds, agricultural pesticides and animal feed, and to offer your customers, who are Fibabanka TarımKart holders, the opportunity shop now and pay later, during their harvesting seasons.




We are there to support our farmers with the cooperations, which we have developed to offer them opportunities designed to make their lives easier. Fibabanka offers elaborately designed solutions to address a wide range of your needs from fertilizer purchases to fuel costs!