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Fibabanka TarımKart

Celebrating the production spirit as much as you do, we have developed Fibabanka TarımKart! We have combined the drawing account designed exclusively for banking needs and the agricultural loan into Fibabanka TarımKart.

  • Benefits of TarımKart

With a wide range of conveniences it offers singlehandedly, Fibabanka TarımKart enables you to address your production expenditure needs most rapidly. Fibabanka TarımKart allows you to utilize cash loans with repayment maturity terms that match your harvesting seasons. Also, you can avail yourself of the maturity term advantages and payment facilities offered by the merchants for your purchases of production inputs that you need.

Moreover; with your Fibabanka TarımKart, you can most easily conduct such banking transactions as money lodgment and withdrawal to and from your drawing account.

If you are a Turkish national citizen and based in a province, where we offer Agricultural Banking services, and if you would like to immediately start availing yourself of the privileges of Fibabanka TarımKart; send an SMS, which is comprised of the word TARIM, followed by one space, followed by your Republic of Turkey ID number and your date of birth, to 3422 and let us deliver all advantages attached to Fibabanka Tarımkart to you!