Fibabanka TarımKart

We are as much of a producer as you are, so here goes Fibabanka TarımKart! With TarımKart, we combine your account with your agricultural loans in a single product

  • What Advantages Does TarımKart Offer?
  • What You Need to Know 

You can use TARIMKART as a debit card while you can get a loan at any time you like. With Fibabanka TarımKart, you may use cash loans with a maturity suitable to your harvest season and benefit from discounts, maturity advantages and ease of payment offered by contracted workplaces in purchases for your production needs. Furthermore, you may use TarımKart, through the associated demand deposit account, for your banking transactions such as cash deposit and cash withdrawal.

  • The credit installments for TarımKart are paid annually. The due dates are set that would fit your time of harvest.
  • You can benefit from discounts and maturity advantages  from certain establishments. 
  • You can use TarımKart in banking transactions as well as using your loan.
  • Only producers who are engaged cultivation and husbandry can benefit from TarımKart privileges.
  • You can place automatic bill payment orders from your TarımKart account.
  • You can make your TarımKart payments at Fibabanka ATMs, our branch offices and PTT. 
  • If you would like to make your payment at PTT, do not forget to call your branch office and request your payment be set off to your TarımKart credit debt.