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Agribusiness Loans

Fibabanka introduces elaborately designed solutions to make your lives easier through the course of your plant or animal production activities! Utilize our Loan Payable Upon Harvest for your needs of covering the costs of such agricultural inputs as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, fuel, labor and animal feeds, and pay after you harvest your crops.

  • Facts You Should Know

Through our Agribusiness Loans; we set your repayment due dates according to your harvesting seasons subject to the maturity terms of not longer than 1 year, and offer you the loans that best fit your needs as well as TarımKart, which you can instantly use to address your needs.

We are always there to support you with our Loans Payable Upon Harvest, which we extend subject to maturity terms of not longer than 1 year and fixed or variable interest rates for all your agricultural needs related to your plant or animal production activities.

  • The Loans Payable Upon Harvest are extended subject to maturity terms of not longer than 1 year (12 months).
  • The interest rate applicable for the loans may be fixed or variable.
  • Fibabanka reserves the right to revise the interest amounts, charge amounts and the maturity terms.
  • Visit the nearest Fibabanka branch for details and applications.