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Practical, fast, accessible and safe... Here are seamless payment systems by Fibabanka POS products! We are offering you the best option tailored for your needs.

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Fibabanka now offers you the indispensable Virtual POS services for e-commerce, the shining sector in our day! Using Fibabanka Virtual POS, you can both make sales online and collect your payments safely and practically via credit cards. Thus, you will have the opportunity for 24/7 sales owing to an instant access to any customer who has Internet connection.

Thanks to 3D Secure safe payment infrastructure developed by Visa, Mastercard and Troy, you can offer your customers an opportunity for safer shopping while collecting your payments. Please remember that, if you are a Fibabanka POS member merchant, you can get technical and operational support from the POS Support Line at 0850 222 26 76 and from Telephone Banking at 444 88 88 for 24/7.

How can you get a Virtual POS?

  • Your e-commerce web site should be accessible and have a credit card payment infrastructure.
  • Your web site should have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.
  • Products and services on your virtual store should be compatible with the sector indicated on your firm's tax registration certificate.
  • Your web site should not redirect to another site.
  • On your virtual store, you should provide consumers with clear information on your company principles regarding warranty, return and cancellation.
  • You should make sure your website has accurate and updated contact information as well as written contents on "confidentiality commitment and security policy", and information on product delivery.
  • Fibabanka logos should be present on your web site and the payment page of your web site.

You do not need an office or store to sell things or make payments. If you are selling via catalogues, fax or telephone, you can make your payment transactions via Fibabanka's Mail Order solution. This will give you an opportunity to sell via various communication channels and have access to many customers in Turkey and around the world.

It is quite easy to make transactions via Mail Order. You just receive the cardholder's information required for authorization during payment, and that is all. This will enable you to sell without your customer physically visiting your store.

You can use your phone line at your workplace to meet your POS needs via the Desktop POS products. This product will enable you to offer your customers an ease with payments at your store or firm so that you can enjoy the convenience of payment systems as well!

Mobile and dynamic tradesmen and SMEs carry their advantage in their pockets anywhere. Home delivery firms, taxis and pedlars meet their needs for a payment system via mobile POS. They complete payment transactions instantly without any time and space restrictions.

Combining two transactions in one single device, the new generation POS cash register significantly facilitates your life. The portable POS cash register system eliminates the need for multiple POS devices. Since October 1, 2013, it has been used as the compulsory, new generation cash register under the Communiqué no. 69-70 published by the Revenue Administration. This device can be used at any sector and by any enterprise, chiefly by businesses such as restaurants, cafes and car parks as well as water and gas bottle delivery businesses taking services to customers' doorstep.

Fibabanka offers member merchants various POS cash registers such as Ingenico IDE280/ IWE 280, Beko 220TR and Beko 300TR, which are all compliant with the Revenue Administration Communiqué, so that you can perform your transactions easily at Fibabanka while enjoying convenient commission fees and a widespread and expert service network.

In order to have a POS cash register, an indispensable item at your workplace, and benefit Fibabanka experience on the matter, you can visit the closest Fibabanka branch office to apply.

What You Need to Know

  • POS cash registers are equipped with both EFT and POS features.
  • On that note, the Revenue Administration sends the daily data of the company to the Ministry of Finance. The Revenue Administration may access such data without placing any request to your side.
  • POS cash registers can store data for 10 years. The device memory cannot be interfered.
  • The POS receipt the device produces during shopping transactions with credit card is also valid as an invoice or receipt.

How Can You Get a POS Cash Register?

If you are a Fibabanka member merchant that uses a GSM POS under the Communiqués and is subject to the Law No. 3100, you can complete this transaction in 3 simple steps.

  • Complete the documents and make applications to get a POS cash register.
  • Use the required documents to purchase the POS cash register and get the invoice for the device issued.
  • Get the Financial ID info from POS cash register firms and take them to Fibabanka branch offices to apply.