Fibafix is a practical and safe home for your corporate foreign exchange needs. The platform allows you to make unleveraged same day foreign exchange transactions in a secure and advantageous way. Apply for Fibafix and add value to your business right away using attractive foreign exchange rates.

  • What does FibaFix Offer?
  • What You Need to Know

Say "Hello" to the convenience of performing transactions on a top of the line foreign exchange platform. FibaFix offers transaction speed, ease of use, real time view of the foreign exchange markets, real time graphics and the feature to set up foreign currency buy/sell orders making your transactions ever more practical and advantageous. This platform does not allow leveraged trading; all your transactions will be within your predefined daily limits so you will have plenty of control over your trading.

For more information, please visit the nearest Fibabanka branch.

  • The platform is not suitable for leveraged transactions. You will be able to trade within your predefined limits.
  • Since FibaFix does not have any installation fee, you can have your own foreign exchange platform at no cost.