One Single Card for Your Drawing Accounts and Agricultural Loans!

You can take address your cash needs with Fibabanka TarımKart, availing yourself of the maturity terms that fit your harvesting schedules, and benefit the advantages offered by the merchants for your expenditures spent, using your card. Apply now for Fibabanka TarımKart, which offers custom solutions designed exclusively for you, and enjoy multiple conveniences in one single product.


Advantageous Loans Offered Exclusively for Producers

Agribusiness Loans

Your Products and Equipment Are Covered

Have your products, equipment and yourself covered, now, through the course of your agricultural activities by our insurance products designed to offer extensive coverage, and enjoy the assurance of having taken appropriate precautions against the risks, to which you are inherently exposed.


Accelerate Your Payment Processes with Tarım POS

Fibabanka introduces Tarım POS, which enables you to collect the amounts owed to you without having to wait for the maturity terms of notes payable to expire and for the harvesting seasons, to offer your customers, who are Fibabanka TarımKart holders, the opportunity to shop now and pay later, during their harvesting seasons, and which allows for fast and instant payments!