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Auto Loans

Enjoy your new vehicle with Fibabanka Auto Loans offering maturity options up to 48 months and payment plans suitable for your budget when you buy brand new or second hand vehicles.

  • What Does Auto Loan Offer?
  • What You Need to Know
  • Required Documents

Fibabanka Auto Loans offer several conveniences at once so that you enjoy driving without pushing the limits of your budget. Fibabanka meets the loan needs for brand new and second hand vehicles in a single product, inviting you to enjoy your new vehicle. Your vehicle loan awaits you with maturity options from 3 to 48 months, payment plans suitable for your budget, and advantageous interest rates!

Come on, take a step towards your dream car via the most convenient payment plan. Find out the interest rates and payment plans by visiting our nearest branch to apply for an Auto Loan.

Do not worry about your payment! Fibabanka will accompany you in each step of the way.

  • The maturity of the Fibabanka Vehicle Loan is 3 months at the minimum and 48 months at the maximum.
  • The loan coverage is up to 70% in loans for vehicle prices up to TRY 400,000 (included). If you want to borrow a loan for a vehicle that costs between TRY 400,001 and TRY 800.000 (included), the coverage is 50% at most. For the loan for a vehicle that costs between TRY 800.001 and TRY 1.200.000 (included) the coverage is 30% at most. For the loan for a vehicle that costs between TRY 1.200.001 and TRY 2.000.000 (included) the coverage is 20% at most.
  • Click here for more information on interest rates and loan expenses.

Payment Table Example:

New Car Loan

Loan AmountLoan Maturity (Months)Interest Rate (%)Installment Amount (TRY)Loan Extension Fee (TRY)Insurance Premium (TRY)Total Yearly Interest Cost Rate (%)
TRY 50,000365,633.9722876.097,33135,1813


  • Copy of the National ID Card
  • For permanent employees, the payroll for the last month
  • For company partners; the photocopy of the tax registration certificate, approved balance sheets for the last 3 years and income statement
  • Proforma invoice for brand new vehicles / Copy of the license for second hand vehicles