Accounting Integrations

Accounting Integrations

Enjoy fast and practical technology without the hassle of documents via Fibabanka Accounting Integrations. Reflect the convenience of automatic accounting to your work efficiency.

  • MT 940 Electronic Bank Account Statement
  • SWIFT MT940
  • Web Services

MT 940 Electronic Statement makes accounting more automated. The account activities of your company is delivered to you in the international electronic bank account statement format through the channels you specify via the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) at desired intervals. The created file is integrated into several accounting programs (SAP etc.) through a brief IT and parameter work. Therefore, thanks to automatic accounting, you save both time and money without having to deal with documents.  

You can request your bank account statement to be delivered to you in the swift format by requesting your electronic statement as a swift message.

The Web Service of Fibabanka is an XML messaging based system and provides instant information access. You can instantaneously monitor the account activities of your companies via our Web Service. The Web Service of Fibabanka is convenient for the companies that:

  • Do online sales,
  • Actively use technology,

Keep up with the changes and current situation.