Fibabanka offers the quick and practical solution to payments of money orders, EFT, invoices and salaries. It is time to enjoy making payments timely and hassle free, thanks to Fibabanka solutions!

  • Money Order/EFT
  • Lump Sum Payments
  • Payment Orders
  • Salary Payments
  • Regular Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Cheque Payments

You can perform your money order/EFT payments quickly and safely at all of our branches, via Fibabanka Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app securely and with ease.

You can perform your multiple EFT/money order payments in certain periods without requiring additional software via the Lump Sum EFT/Money Order Program of Fibabanka quickly and at once. After we receive the payment information from you, the lump sum EFT/money orders are performed automatically and you are informed on the transactions performed. By performing your Lump Sum Payments via Fibabanka, the work load of your enterprise is relieved, the number of erroneous transactions is decreased, and all you have to do is enjoy the trouble-free money transfer transaction.

You can make your payments easily even when you are away from work via the Payment Order feature. You can issue a payment order for your future personal or company EFT payments and ensure that the transaction is performed with ease when the payment time arrives.

The easiest way to make salary payments is also at Fibabanka. The salary payments of your employees are automatically transferred from the company accounts to the accounts of the employees on the date and amount that you specify. You can easily monitor the process, and save labor.

Do not waste your time for making regular payments! You can make your regular payments such as rent, dues, installments, etc. that have fixed dates and amounts by issuing an order at Fibabanka and have them paid automatically from your accounts.

Bill Payment 

It is now very easy to pay your bills. You can easily pay several bills such as telephone, electricity, water, cable TV, internet and mobile phone by setting up a payment order at all of our branch offices, via Fibabanka Internet Banking or Telephone Banking by dialing 444 88 88. Besides paying the bills, you can also load money your GSM lines quickly and easily.  Moreover, even if your account balance is insufficient, you can have an Overdraft Account defined in order to keep paying the bills timely without any delays within the limits of the account.

Automatic Payment Order

To follow up the payment due dates of bills are now history. Payment due dates of bills are now history. Fibabanka offers the convenience of the Automatic Payment Order. You can set up an Automatic Payment Order by visiting our branch offices, via Internet Banking or Telephone Banking by dialing 444 88 88 and ensure that your electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, mobile phone, internet, cable TV and digital TV bills are withdrawn from your demand deposit account or within the limits of the overdraft account and paid on time.

Cheque Payments

Cheque payment transactions made easy with Fibabanka! The products and conveniences that you need to make your cheque payments to manage your cash-flow await you.


Managing your cash-flow is quite easy with cheque-bond transactions. You can make payments by using Fibabanka TRY and FX cheque books.

Continuous Cheque Printing Program

You might be using the cheque payment method regularly and frequently. If that is the case, then we can offer you a service that provides reporting convenience and saves you time and operational work load. You can enjoy technology and prepare your cheques digitally with the Continuous Cheque Printing Program.

For more information, please visit our nearest branch.

Blocked Cheque

You can use our blocked cheque product under the guarantee of Fibabanka against a given credit limit or cash for the payments of your company on behalf of public or private entities.