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Non-Cash Loans

Non-Cash Loans

Your transactions are under control with the Non-Cash Loans that provide solutions for the entrepreneurs who want to be one step ahead in commerce by reassuring the buyers and sellers of commercial goods.

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Your commercial transactions are under the warranty of Fibabanka! Your processes are faster and safer with Non-Cash Loans that provide assurance to all parties in commercial transactions. We invite you to the nearest Fibabanka branch to secure your commercial transactions with the Non-Cash Loans.

Letters of Guarantee

Trust in the commercial world is based on the Letters of Guarantee*! A letter of guarantee is a surety bond, addressed to a government agency or organization, or other natural or legal entities, in which the bank pledges to pay a stipulated amount under stipulated terms and conditions in the event that a contractor fails to fulfill some specified contractual obligation or duty.

* The bank that issues the letter commits to cover the amount of loss specified in the contract in the event of a failure in fulfilling the commitment. Letters of Guarantee may have expiry dates or they may be indefinite, depending on the nature of the business.

Letter of Credit

Fibabanka provides the commitment for your commercial transactions through the letter of credit method that can be used in your payments for the cost of goods in import transactions. It is a conditional guarantee in which the exporter is paid through a bank in the importer country for the detailed goods and services upon the request of the importer.

External Guarantee

Your foreign commercial transactions are safe upon your request! 

Fibabanka provides to the respondents abroad the guarantee via the External Guarantee. Costs in question will be paid in the event of failing to fulfill the commitment. The external letter of guarantee, namely the External Guarantee service, is provided for this purpose.

Therefore, the respondent abroad is assured of commercial transactions such as the delivery of the goods, the completion of works or a project or the payment of a debt, and your commercial transactions are carried out smoothly. Guaranteeing the debts and commitments abroad establishes trust in your overseas commercial transactions.

Acceptance Credit

Fibabanka provides the Acceptance Credit, which establishes a bank guarantee stipulating that the payments between the importer and exporter will be made in due time.

Cheque Book

If you want to facilitate your payments by making your purchases against cheques, the Cheque Book is a perfect choice for you! Fibabanka offers you the chance to facilitate payments, accelerate cash flow and keep records of your activities by using cheque books in TRY or FX. If you have a defined cheque book limit at Fibabanka, you can request a new cheque book, track your cheque requests or cancel them through Internet Banking.

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