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Foreign Trade Financing

Foreign Trade Financing

Meet Fibabanka's Foreign Trade Financing solutions that enable you to execute your Foreign Trade financing without interruptions via our internationally certified team of experts!

From Export Factoring transactions that meet the urgent cash-flow need to Eximbank Loans that are extended to support the development of exports, Fibabanka provides you a wide range of loans tailored to your needs. For more information on Foreign Trade Financing, please visit the nearest Fibabanka branch office where you can submit your application.

  • Eximbank Cash and Non-Cash Loans
  • Export Factoring
  • Foreign Loans
  • CBRT Rediscount Loan
  • External Guarantee / Counter Guarantee

Turk Eximbank extends export loans to meet the funding needs during the preparation stage of export and/or overseas sales of exporters and producers residing in Turkey and free zone companies. Your endorsement credits and letters of guarantee are ready for you at Fibabanka for your Pre-Shipment Export Loans and loans to be directly borrowed from Eximbank.

It is used to meet the short-term financing needs of exporter companies that sell against goods, and is realized against the documented receivables arising from the sales of goods or services in question. Export Factoring can meet your short-term financing needs until you establish your cash flow. You can perform the fastest and most practical Export Factoring transactions via Fibabanka.

Fibabanka and the privilege of a robust correspondent network are here for you to mediate the extension of foreign loans! You can borrow loans overseas to utilize in Turkey via Fibabanka for your business needs or your pre-financing requirements.

It is a loan that is extended in Turkish Liras via Turk Eximbank and commercial banks in the event of rediscounted bills that are denominated in foreign currency. The repayments are made to CBRT in foreign currency. They are extended in maturities that are determined by the CBRT. Fibabanka assists you in every step of the process until you obtain your cash support.

External Guarantee is a loan product in which the debts and commitments abroad are guaranteed by the bank. 

Counter guarantee is a product that is used when the company does not accept the letter of guarantee issued by the bank of the debtor due to country risk and other similar reasons, and requests the payment commitment of another bank in its own country. Usually a bank in the country of the creditor issues a letter of guarantee addressing the creditor regarding the Counter Guarantee issued by the bank of the debtor. The bank issuing the letter of guarantee assumes the risk of the bank issuing the Counter Guarantee.