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Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance

If you are actively operating in transportation, our Freight Insurance is perfect for you to continue your business without any hindrance and it helps finance your material losses!

You can stop by the nearest Fibabanka branch office for more information and to make your application.


  • MERCHANDISE Insurance
  • Coverages
  • MARINE HULL Insurance

Fibabanka MERCHANDISE Insurance shares the liability with you from the transportation of your products to their delivery, assesses the risks and provides solutions for the potential issues that may arise.  

The transported goods are insured against damages and losses to be incurred during transportation (land-air-sea). Events such as crashes, collisions, fire, explosion or damages that occur during loading, transfer and discharge are assessed within the scope of the policy.


  • Extended coverage
  • Narrow coverage
  • Total Loss

Start experiencing safe travels with your commercial or private boats! Fibabanka offers you the Marine Hull Insurance against all perils of the sea during the journey.

The Hull Insurance insures your boat against all perils of the sea (storms, collision, sinking, grounding) that may be encountered at the sea, land, and/or harbor, fire, barratry, strike, lockout, riots, civil commotions and war.

If you are a company in the transportation business, whether you are the transporter or the mediator, you have legal liabilities against the owner of the load. Transporter Liability Insurance covers, within certain limits, the legal liability of the transporter arising due to the loads that are transported being exposed to a hazard, incur damages or loss that is the subject of the policy while under the liability of the transporter.

You can stop by the nearest Fibabanka branch for more information on all Freight Insurance products and to make your application.

Fibabanka A.Ş. is an agency of Sompo Japan Sigorta A.Ş. and Ergo Sigorta A.Ş.