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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance 

We also bear the responsibility of your budget and peace as much as your liability against third parties in your company activities. Therefore, we offer the enterprises our Liability Insurance that comes with extensive coverages.

  • SME Liability Insurance 
  • Employer's Financial Liability Insurance 
  • Third Party Liability Insurance 
  • Product Liability Insurance 
  • Professional Liability Insurance 
  • Manager Liability Insurance 

Being a good SME requires constant activity, and activities require being liable. This is why the SME Liability Insurance secures all of your liabilities with high coverage limits and extensive coverages through a single policy.

Don't worry, your insurance also covers professional, product and manager liabilities in addition to financial liabilities. SME Liability Insurance secures all of your liabilities with high coverage limits and extensive coverages through a single policy!

As an employer, you can take measures against possible accidents at the workplace. Employer's Financial Liability Insurance provides coverage for the liabilities of the employer regarding work accidents.

You have to consider third parties in addition to yourself and your employees when it comes to damages incurred during workplace activities. Third Parties Financial Liability Insurance provides coverage against the claims of damages to be demanded from you in the event of death, injury, impairment of health or financial damages of third persons incurred by any event occurring during the term of your insurance and your corporate activities.

The joy of production comes with responsibilities. You just have to take a small step as a precaution. Product Liability Insurance covers the claims for damages arising from an event occurring during your operation or during the use of your product by third parties.

If you are a doctor, certified public accountant or the owner of a security company, you have an insurance option to protect you against accidental damages to be incurred on third parties during your professional activities. The claims of damages arising from the damages to third parties during professional activities are under the coverage of the Professional Liability Insurance.

The Manager Liability Insurance is designed for the members of the executive board, managers and all other employees that are in management to cover the claims arising from the mistakes of the mentioned persons while performing their managerial duties.

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