Internet Banking

Awards 2013

IFC International Finance Corporation Finance & Trade Category Best Partner

On February 19-20, 2014, IFC (International Finance Corporation), a World Bank organization, granted awards to the top 25 financial organizations it globally worked with in "Foreign Trade Financing" during the Global Foreign Trade Cooperation Meeting held in Lisbon. We were crowned the "Best Business Partner" in Turkey for the year 2013.

Commerzbank Straight Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award

Commerzbank, a leading global banking institution, awarded us the "STP Excellence Award" for our brilliant success in money transfer transactions.

WMA Web Marketing Association Outstanding Web Site Award

We received the Outstanding Web Site Award during the WebAward contest which has been held by the Web Marketing Association since 1997. Web Marketing Association was established in 1997 to set a high standard for web marketing and facilitate the development and growth of best web sites. The members of the association include web marketing, online advertising and public relations professionals as well as best web site designers and volunteers.