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Cash Loans

Fibabanka is here for your short&long term or urgent cash need with the most convenient financing solutions!

  • Commercial Overdraft Account (COA)
  • Installment Commercial Loans
  • Revolving Loans (BCH )
  • Spot and Discount/Redemption Loans
  • Workplace/Housing Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Special Loans
  • Foreign Exchange Loans

Do not stress over making the cheque, invoice and other regular payments late; meet the COA loans that help you make timely payments. Find the solution for the short-term and small amount of cash needs of your enterprise through the Commercial Overdraft Account defined to your demand deposit account. Your money will always be ready in your account.

What can you do with COA?

You can pay your cheques and bills.

You can make your tax and invoice payments.

You can perform money transfers or EFT, or withdraw cash.

Please visit our nearest branch to learn more about our product and interest rates.

Installment Commercial Loans can help you with the cash need of your enterprise. Depending on your cash need, you can make your payment plans in monthly installments or flexible payments. The loan interest rate is fixed during the maturity.

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BCH (Revolving Loans) are credits that can be freely used and repaid within a defined credit limit in order to meet the short-term cash needs of your enterprise. They are quick solutions to your urgent cash needs.

You can withdraw any amount you like within your limit whenever you wish, in TRY or FX.

The interest rate is calculated over the number of days and accrues daily, monthly, quarterly, at the end of periods (the end of March, June, September, December), at the maturity date and/or closing the account.

Apply now for our Revolving Loans to meet the short-term and urgent cash needs of your enterprise instantly.

Please visit our nearest branch to learn more about our product and interest rates.

Spot Loans

It is the type of loan through which you can borrow a lump sum to meet the short-term cash requirement of your enterprise with a fixed maturity and interest rate, and pay back the whole sum at maturity as capital plus accrued interest. Possible market fluctuations do not affect you since Spot Loans fix the maturity and interest rates of the loan extension.

Discount/Redemption Loans

You can meet your cash need easily without waiting for the maturity of your bills. Discount/Redemption Loans is a type of credit that provides short-term financing by liquidating the short-term bills (bills, cheques, etc.) arising from your commercial transactions before their maturity at a certain interest rate and fee.

The difference between redemption and discount is that in redemption transactions, the bill debtor resides outside the province where the branch office performing the discount transaction is located.

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We are here to support our Tradesmen and SMEs with our Workplace/Housing Loan products if you wish to purchase a new workplace/housing or make changes in your current workplace.

You can make calculations and apply in order to calculate a convenient payment plan for your budget and carry out your application.

Please visit our nearest branch to learn more about our product and interest rates.

Do not have financing troubles when purchasing or renewing vehicles / fleets; meet our Vehicle Loan products tailored to the needs of your enterprise. Our Vehicle Loans apply to second hand or brand new vehicles and you can benefit from payment in equal installments and long-term financing options.

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We are proud to support Tradesmen and SMEs with our Special Loan products. Our priority is to support your enterprise with CGF Guaranteed Loans and the EaSI Loan!

A- EaSI (Employment and Social Innovation Programme) Loan

Europian Commission

Fibabanka is proud to represent Turkey and be the first and only Bank to offer a loan product within the scope of this programme under the guarantee of the European Union.

What does EaSI Offer?

Fibabanka is the only bank to represent Turkey among the countries participating in EaSI and brings together the tradesmen and SMEs with less than 9 employees and the support from Europe. You can benefit from maturities from 3 to 24 months and loans up to TRY 130,000 and obtain the cash support that you need via your Bank.

For more information on EaSI, please visit the page on the European Investment Fund website and the EIF website (

You can apply via SMS or visit the nearest Fibabanka branch to benefit from the loan.

What You Need to Know

  • You can benefit from the EaSI Loan if you have less than 9 employees and if you are a micro enterprise or social entrepreneur established and operating in Turkey with an end-year revenue up to TRY 3,000,000.
  • You can use it as a commercial loan in equal installments with maturities varying from 3 to 24 months.
  • The maximum limit of the loan is determined as TRY 130,000.

Application via


Text KOLAY, a space, and your Turkish Identity Number to 3422, bring the required documents to the nearest Fibabanka branch to use your loan instantly!

Required Documents*

  • Balance Sheet and Income Statements / Trial Balances
  • Identity Document
  • Corporate Tax Return for legal entity enterprises and Annual Income Tax Return for Private Companies
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Trade Registry Gazette / Chamber of Commerce and Industry Document / Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Registration / Certificate of Activity
  • Address Declaration
  • SSI Declaration obtained within at most 90 days stating the number of employees
  • Statement of Signature

* Fibabanka reserves the right to request additional documents in addition to the those stated above with regard to the EaSI loan.

B- Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) Guaranteed Loans

We wished "good luck" upon our Tradesmen and SMEs and we now offer CGF Guaranteed Loans in partnership with Kredi Garanti Fonu A.Ş (Credit Guarantee Fund). Apply now for CGF guaranteed and convenient loans, do not worry about insufficient guarantees and enjoy the confidence of procuring quick cash support for the expenses of your business.

What Do CGF Guaranteed Loans Offer?

  • Up to 90% Treasury Support in working capital and investment loans
  • Up to TRY 12,000,000 warrant support for SMEs
  • For working capital loans, up to a total of 5 years maturity with one year grace period and for investment loans, up to a total of 10 years maturity without principal payments for 3 years

Who Can Benefit from CGF?

  • Enterprises that are SMEs
  • Exporter SMEs
  • The applications of the tradesmen and SMEs that operate domestically, do not have any SSI or tax debt or if they are in debt, said debt is structured and there is no late payment in the structuring loan will be evaluated.
  • Our customers themselves or their group companies without any incident of bankruptcy, suspension of bankruptcy, abolition, concordatum in Fibabanka records or non-performing loans may benefit from the CGF guarantees.

*The beneficiary criteria vary according to the type of CGF guarantee and loan type.

**Application documents may vary according to the type of CGF guarantee, loan type and beneficiary type. 

***The application for Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) guaranteed loans is made through Fibabanka branch offices. Fibabanka reserves the right to evaluate and extend the loan. All of the conditions set by the CGF must be fulfilled in order to use a loan within the scope of CGF.

Please visit our nearest branch to learn more about our product and interest rates.

Have no trouble during pre-shipment in your export operations with the Foreign Exchange Loans that help relieve your foreign exchange needs before exporting. Foreign Exchange Loans require export commitments and they benefit from tax, duties, and RUSF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) exemptions upon the fulfillment of the export commitment.

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