Winning Tactic for Tradesmen: FibaPratik!

Fibabanka offers a quick and easy solution to the cash need of tradesmen!

You can apply for FibaPratik via SMS or via Internet Banking and use your credit line of up to TRY 60,000 through 7 different products.

  • FibaPratik
  • Documents required for application

Benefiting from 7 different products with a single application

  • Installment Commercial LoanBonus Business Credit Card
  • Commercial Overdraft Account (COA)
  • Revolving Loan
  • Discount/Redemption Loans (Cheque Guaranteed)
  • Cheque Book
  • DDS
  • Identity Document
  • Tax Registration Certificate or Electronic Tax Registration Certificate
  • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette / Chamber of Commerce and Industry Document / Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Registration / Certificate of Activity
  • Address Declaration
  • Statement of Signature

Private companies with less than TRY 5 million revenue and between ages 23 - 72 or real tradesmen may benefit from FibaPratik with credit line up to TRY 60,000 and 36 months maturity. The application covers 7 different products, namely the Installment Commercial Loan, Bonus Business Credit Card, Commercial Overdraft Account (COA), Revolving Loan, Discount/Redemption Loans (Cheque Guaranteed), Cheque Book and Direct Debiting System (DDS). If your application is approved, you can use the product you want within the limits to be defined by Fibabanka. Fibabanka A.Ş. reserves the right to re-evaluate the pre-approved loan applications and whether to extend the loan or not. The application is only used for credit line determination. Fibabanka A.Ş. is authorized in loan extension pricing conditions. The loan application SMS fee is 1 SMS and the fee of the SMS sent for the loan application shall be paid by the customer. Fibabanka A.Ş. reserves the right to change the conditions of this campaign at any time. Only the enterprises located in the provinces and districts where there are Fibabanka branch offices can benefit from FibaPratik. Fibabanka A.Ş. is authorized to extend or not extend the loan for the applications made from provinces and districts where there is no branch office.