Gayrinakit krediler

Non-Cash Loans

Import and export transactions are made easier and faster with Fibabanka Non-Cash Loan products!

For more information regarding our Non-Cash Loan products and commission rates, please visit the nearest branch.

  • Acceptance/Endorsement Loan
  • Letters of Credit
  • Letters of Reference
  • TRY/FX Letters of Guarantee

Acceptance/Endorsement Loans are widely used in international trade. You can provide the guarantee requested from your company regarding the exporter bills in your international trade transactions via such loans.

If a bank guarantee is requested for payment, you can provide such guarantee through the guarantee of Fibabanka.

Fibabanka provides the commitment for your commercial transactions through the letter of credit method that can be used in your payments for the cost of goods in import transactions. It is a conditional guarantee in which the exporter is paid through a bank in the importer country for the detailed goods and services upon the request of the importer.

The contractors are requested to provide letters of reference to participate in public and private tenders. Fibabanka issues the letters of reference for you that state the free deposits of your enterprise, your current loans and the loans that you may be extended. 

They are letters of guarantee that are issued on behalf of real or legal persons residing in Turkey or abroad and stipulate that the delivery of certain goods or the performance of a certain work will be completed within a determined amount of time and in accordance with the conditions, and failing that, the claims shall be paid by Fibabanka without the stipulation of any other condition.