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Fibabanka Anonim Şirketi, with its principal place of business at the address of Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Caddesi, No:129 Şişli, İstanbul/Türkiye (“Fibabanka” or the “Bank”), conducts maximum care and attention for processing and protection of the personal data of the visitors via the web address and via all links progressed through these domain names, in compliance with the on Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (“LPPD”) and the secondary regulations in relation thereto (jointly, the “PDP Law”).  

Within the scope of our Bank’s obligation to provide information, arising from the PDP Law, by this Cookie Information Form (the “Cookie Information Form”), we would like to inform all visitors of our web site, regarding the cookies used by our Bank and your personal data processed thereby.

Your Personal Data Processed by Means of Cookies

We, as Fibabanka, process your personal data, specified in details in our Fibabanka Anonim Şirketi Privacy Notice For Visitors of the Web Site, by means of the cookies active on our web site.

What types of cookies we use on “” and “”?

Cookies are minor text files which are installed by a web site on your device and which contain data in name-value format. Therefore, the cookies which we use when you visit our web site, makes it possible to store information on your device regarding your visit to the web site, and to use said information in your subsequent visits.

Cookies created by our web site and which can only be read by our web site, are the primary cookies.  

Types of cookies we use on our web site, and our purposes of using those cookies, are as follows:

No.Type CookiePurposes of Use
1.Mandatory CookiesThese are cookies required for the purpose of functioning of the web site. These cookies are used mandatorily in order to perform an information society service requested by its user.
2.Functional CookiesThese are cookies used for purposes such as reminding your choices, using the web site efficiently, optimising the web site in a manner making it capable to respond to your requests; and which contain data regarding how you use the web site. These cookies are used for the purpose of providing functionality out of the scope of mandatory cookies.

Keeping and Having Access to Cookies

Cookies created by our web site, are stored on your computer by the web browser you use to have access to our web site. It is possible to have remote access to the information contained by these cookies, only via our web site under the domain name [], that creates related cookie, and in case you use the same browser 

It Is Up to You to Accept the Cookies

Your web browsers generally accept, automatically, the cookies used on the web sites you visit. It is not mandatory to use cookie in order use our web site, however in case you adjust setting of your browser in a way to disable all cookies, quality of your user experience may decrease, and you may be hindered to have access to our web site or to benefit from various functions of our web site.   

You can structure your browser in a way disable cookies for all web sites or for certain web sites, to give warning when a cookie is created, to impede third party cookies or to consider all cookies as session cookie.

On the other hand, you can delete the cookies recorded on your device via your browser or you can see and monitor the list and values of those cookies. Among the browsers listed below, by click the one you use, you can get detailed information regarding management of cookies.

If you want to get more information regarding the cookies, you can visit the web sites at the addresses of and

Security of the Personal Data

Cookies shall not be used out of the purposes defined in this Cookie Information Form, and all transactions are conducted in compliance with the PDP Law. Personal data obtained via the cookies, shall be processed, stored and security thereof is ensured by our Bank in compliance with the PDP Law.

For more detailed information regarding the personal data processed by our web site, we request you to read the Fibabanka Anonim Şirketi Privacy Notice For Visitors of the Web Site, available on the Web Site of Fibabanka.

Your Right to Obtain Information

We hereby notify that, with the Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, you shall have the rights, by applying to Fibabanka, (i) to be informed whether your personal data is processed or not; (ii) if processed, to request information in relation thereto, to learn purpose of processing and whether such data is used for intended purpose, or not; (iii) to know the 3rd persons, to whom your personal data is disclosed in Turkey or abroad, if processed incompletely / incorrectly, to request correction thereof; (iv) to request the erasure or destruction of your personal data under the conditions laid down in Article 7; (v) to request that requests for erasure and destruction of your personal data with the Article 7 of the LPPD, and requests for correction of personal data if it is processed incorrectly, be notified to third persons, to whom the personal data is disclosed; (vi) to raise objection against any outcome which may occur to your detriment due to analysis there by automatic systems exclusively; (vii) if you suffer any damage due to processing thereof illegally, to request indemnification of damages.     

If you have any question or request regarding processing of your personal data within the scope of this Information form, you can apply to Fibabanka, by one of the means defined in the Form for Application to the Data Controller, by completing said Form for Application to the Data Controller, available at the web address

Our Bank shall finalise the application requests, according to the nature of related request and at the latest within 30 (thirty) days, according to Article 13 of the LPPD. In case related transaction requires to incur any cost, the tariff determined by the PDP Board shall be applicable. If your request is rejected, reason/s of rejection shall be explained in our response letter. 

If you think that your personal data processed by our Bank, is outdated, incomplete or incorrect, for your declarations for change relating to related personal data, please contact us immediately via the e-mail address

This Cookie Information Form can be updated for the purpose of keeping up with changing conditions and legal regulations. You can follow the updates via the web address

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