Internet Banking
Non-Disabled Banking

Non-Disabled Banking

As Fibabanka, we continue to rapidly improve our Banking practices in order to enable our disabled customers to benefit from our Bank's products and services.

Our purpose is to optimize our Banking services for the access and use of all our customers.

No obstacles in communication

At our branches, our colleagues learn sign language in order to offer a faster and easier banking experience to our hearing impaired customers. We would like to share the efforts we have made in order to render your banking experience more accessible and convenient.

Our Hearing-Impaired Customers

  • Our colleagues, who work at our branches, have sign language training.
  • The signs, signboards and warnings at our branches are sufficiently large and legible, and our branches are adequately lighted to guide our hearing impaired customers.
  • At all our branches, an emergency assistant button has been installed next to the entrance door. In order to provide support to our disabled customers, who press the button; a receiver that enables an employee to hear the relevant sound alert and attend such customers has been positioned by our employee.
  • At our ATMs, which have been designed to address the needs of disabled customers, there are adequate informative and warning signs as well as sufficient lighting, and the elevation of the same has been designed with consideration of the disabled customers.
  • The queue machines located at our branches prioritize the transactions of the disabled customers automatically and systematically.


  • Our ATM displays have been selected to prevent any decrease of the image quality and the objects on the display becoming invisible. ATM control keys are positioned in conformity to the telephone standard.
  • The customers, who advise our Bank of their disability, can perform account balance inquiry, cash withdrawal and lodgment, credit card debt inquiry and payment through any ATM in Turkey free of any additional charge. Credit card cash advance withdrawal on Fibabanka’s ATMs and those of other banks is subject to charge.


  • The POS displays have been designed in black-and-white or color with high image quality.

Digital Banking

  • Our efforts for the commissioning of the chat channel (online conversation) service, where our hearing-impaired customers can use our Mobile and Internet Banking channels to perform their transactions, are continued.