Debit Card

Debit Card

With your debit card, safely make payments without carrying any cash on you and carry out your banking transactions practically within the country or abroad!

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What Does the Fibabanka Debit Card Offer?

Fibabanka Debit Card will help you while shopping and other times when you need cash, and make banking transactions easier. Apply for Fibabanka Debit Card and enjoy one single card meeting all your needs.

With your debit card you can quickly and easily withdraw money, lodge money, monitor your balance, transfer money between accounts and change your card password from Fibabanka ATMs 24/7. In addition to Fibabanka ATMs, you can also withdraw money, lodge money and monitor your balance from every ATM in Turkey 24/7. Moreover, you can withdraw money, lodge money and monitor your account balance from İşbank ATMs as many times as you wish, and withdraw money for up to 5 times per month and lodge money and monitor your account balance for as many times as you wish at any PTTMatik ATM free of charge!

Fibabanka Debit Card is not only your fast and secure payment instrument to meet your cash needs and conduct your banking transactions but also your fast and secure payment instrument both for your physical shopping transactions and, with its 3D secure feature, for your online shopping transactions. You can enjoy your shopping experience to the fullest by using your demand deposit account with your Debit Card.

Fibabanka Debit Card knows no limits in terms of advantages and also helps you while you are abroad. You can withdraw the foreign currency cash of the country you are visiting from all ATMs that carry the Maestro logo.

You must activate the online shopping feature of your debit card in order to shop, using the 3D secure feature. You can activate the online shopping feature of your cards through Mobile and Internet Banking Channels, 444 88 88 Telephone Banking or by visiting the nearest Fibabanka branch.

How can I create my card PIN?

You can create your debit card PIN through our Mobile and Internet Banking channels, 444 88 88 Telephone Banking or via SMS.

How can I create my card PIN via SMS?

Type SIFRE and the 4 four-digit PIN that you would like to use and the first 2 digits of your FIBAANAHTAR and last 4 digits of your card number by leaving a space between each entry, and sent it to 3422 via SMS.

EXAMPLE: SIFRE 1234 AN 5678 ➜ sent it to 🡪 3422

After the first transaction of your card you will make from ATM or POS, your pin will be automatically assigned to your card.

What is FibaAnahtar?

FibaAnahtar is the identity verification element required for you to perform your banking transactions securely. Click for detailed information.

My card has been automatically renewed, will its pin change?

You do not need to create a new pin for renewed card due to expiring of your card or failure of your card magnet. You can enter the previous pin of your old card in your ATM or POS transactions with your new card. After the first transaction, your pin will be automatically assigned to your new card.

My card has been renewed as a result of Lost / Stolen, will its pin change?

Yes. You should create new pin through our Mobile and Internet Banking channels or by calling 444 88 88 Fibabanka Telephone Banking or via SMS. After the first transaction you will make from ATM or POS by your new card, your pin will be automatically assigned to your new card.

How can I change/update my card pin?

You can change the pin of your debit card through Fibabanka ATMs, Mobile and Internet Banking channels, 444 88 88 Telephone Banking and all our branches.

You can call our Telephone Banking at 444 88 88 or visit the nearest Fibabanka branch to apply for Fibabanka Debit Card that will make your life a whole lot easier.

What is Masterpass™?

Masterpass by Mastercard is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping easy, secure, and convenient. Masterpass stores all your payment and shipping information in one central, secure location. With Masterpass, you can shop, click, and checkout fast online.

Is Masterpass safe?

Your account security is our top priority. Masterpass is powered by Mastercard, which has a long-standing reputation of trust and security. Our secure servers and technology are designed to protect your information.

How do I sign up for Masterpass?

First, go to the Masterpass home page. Click or tap Sign up. To sign up with an issuer specific Masterpass account, be sure to enter your card number during sign up. It's as simple as that. You can even sign up while shopping online by selecting the Masterpass button at checkout, where it is accepted.

Where can I pay with Masterpass today?

You can use Masterpass wherever you see the Masterpass button online.

How do I use Masterpass to buy something online?

Once you've filled your online shopping cart and are ready to checkout, click or tap the Masterpass button. If you have already used your wallet on this browser, then simply Sign In and choose the payment card and shipping addresses you wish to use from those that you have previously saved. You can even add a new card or shipping address during checkout.

Do I have to pay to use Masterpass?

There are no fees or charges to use Masterpass. You may incur standard messaging fees from your mobile phone carrier if you opt to receive text message alerts.

How do I add a new card to my wallet?

Simply sign in to your Masterpass account and click on Add Card. Enter your card details and be sure to save.

How do I remove a card from my wallet?

Simply sign in to your account, select the card you want to remove, and select Delete.

I'm signing in on a new device and it's asking me for more authentication - what do I do?

If this is your first time checking out with your wallet on this browser, you will simply have to select your wallet, sign in and authenticate via a onetime code that will be sent to your phone or email. Then choose your card and shipping address and click Continue.

How do I update my card or billing information?

Simply sign in to your Masterpass account to edit your card information, account information, or shipping addresses. You cannot edit your billing address and will have to re-add your card with the updated billing address if that has changed.

I forgot my password - what do I do?

Simply go to the Masterpass™ homepage to sign in, select the Forgot your Password link, and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need to change your password, click Edit next to Wallet Information . From there, enter your old and new Password to change your information. When you’re finished be sure to select Continue.

What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Your card information is still secure with Masterpass, and is not stored on your device. For extra security in case your wallet password is the same as other unsecured passwords on your mobile device, you should change your password. If not, you can change your password on the Masterpass site by signing in to your Masterpass account.

How do I delete my Masterpass account?

You can delete your account at any time by logging on from your computer. First, you'll need to sign into your Masterpass account using either your mobile number or email. Once you're signed in, click Edit next to Wallet Information. Under Wallet Information select the Delete Wallet link at the bottom left side of the page. You will receive a pop up asking you to confirm that you wanted your wallet deleted - click to confirm. When your account is deleted, all information is removed from the Masterpass database.

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