Based on our core values, we consider sustainability as an essential part of our endeavor to contribute to our community, and define as a commitment to create a continuous, strong and successful business model, in which we share long terms values with all our stakeholders. We, at Fibabanka, continuously monitor and manage the risks and opportunities related to the environmental, social, ethical and economic issues of priority, which could arise through the course of the performance of our services and operations.

Sustainability Approach

It is our belief that, in order to ensure a comprehensive, strong and stable economy and social welfare, the opportunities on financial markets should be reformed in the light of social needs. We, at Fibabanka, have been acting with the awareness of social responsibility and maintaining our efforts to leave a viable and habitable planet to the future generations, observing, at all times, the interests of the society through the course of our operations since our very establishment. In addition to our commitment to create sustainable value for all our stakeholder; we believe that only by way of responsible, transparent and fair management can we continuously improve the customer experience, offering our customers such products and services that address their needs through a "respectable, "sincere" and "result-oriented" approach. Also, we continuously educate our employees to implement sustainable initiatives in their daily activities, both at and outside work.

Management of Environmental Impacts

We, at Fibabanka, maintain our efforts to continuously enhance the value we add to our customers, stakeholders, staff members, community and environment. We design our activities in the environment domain with a view to preserve our natural resources and to leave a viable and habitable planet to the future generations. Ensuring the involvement of all our staff members, suppliers and customers in the process, we act with a comprehensive strategy.

  • We tap into our digitalization process in order to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources and to take necessary measures against the climate change.
  • As a part of our Waste Management activities; we contribute to recycling by delivering our recycling wastes, including paper, plastic, metal and glass, to the relevant municipality or authorized recycling companies. Also, we prioritize and prefer the purchase of consumable supplies with recyclable packages.
  • We benefit from the daylight and minimize our power consumption at our premises throughout the working hours.

The Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy of our Bank, which contains the fundamental principles of our social and environmental management system is available here.

Social Investment Activities

In line with the mission established by Mr. Husnu M. Ozyegin, the Chairman of the Board of Fibabanka, we have been continuously maintaining our investments in the domains that serve to the social benefit, primarily including the education sector. Being an active supporter of Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), one of the pioneer foundations in Turkey in the education sector, we implement various social responsibility projects throughout the year.

We have been maintaining our support for education since 2015

AÇEV has been providing educational support to children in need and their parents for 26 years. We, at Fibabanka, enthusiastically support the endeavors and activities of AÇEV, and contribute to the increasing the number of the children, who have access to educational opportunities at their early ages, the fathers, who assume responsibility in their care and development, and the mothers, who raise them with hope to become individuals with self-confidence.

In 2017 and 2019, we supported the Child Education Program (CEP) of AÇEV, which is aimed at contributing to the development of children at the age of 4 years and older, in 64 provinces. We reached out to 16.000 children, enabling the delivery of CEP booklets at the schools of the disadvantageous neighborhoods, between October 2017 and March 2019.

In 2015 and 2016, we have provided support to the Summer Nursery Schools Program launched by AÇEV in Diyarbakir and Mardin with a view to ensure equality of opportunity in education. We aimed to offer a better future to children and to raise the awareness of families. We reached out to 405 children and 505 parents.