Internet Banking
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Telephone Banking

Fibabanka customer-focused banking is by your side 24/7 with Telephone Banking at 444 88 88 and 0850 222 77 77.

With Fibabanka Telephone Banking, you can:

  • Reach the Telephone Banking customer representative instantly,
  • Carry out your banking transactions without any limits on day or time,
  • Experience the convenience of completing your transactions with the help of specialized customer representatives, quickly and safely,
  • Change your passwords at any time using our safe and secure interactive voice response system.

Here are some of the banking operations you can carry out using Fibabanka Telephone Banking:

Banking Transactions

  • 24/7 EFT Instructions
  • 24/7 Money Transfers and Internal Transfers
  • 24/7 Foreign Exchange Purchase/Sale and Arbitrage
  • Bills and Bonds Purchase/Sale Instructions
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Local and International Fund Transactions
  • Time Deposit Transactions
  • Opening an Account
  • Updating Customer Data
  • Reporting Lost/Stolen Bank Cards
  • Internet Banking Password Procedures
  • Reporting Suggestions, Requests and Complaints

Credit Card Transactions

  • Credit Card Outstanding Debt Information
  • 24/7 Credit Card Payments
  • Credit Card Automatic Payment Instructions
  • Changes in Account Cut-off Dates
  • Reporting Lost/Stolen Credit Cards
  • Card Renewals
  • Updating Credit Card Customer Data