Check & Bill Transactions

Check Transanctions *
Type of TransactionMinimum AmountMinimum RateMaximum AmountMaximum RateUpdate Date
CheckbookTL 10/Page-TL 10/Page->-
Check Collections
Fibabanka Checks
From own BranchNo chargeNo chargeNo chargeNo charge-
From other BranchesTL 25TL 25--
Other Bank Checks
TL ChecksTL 15-TL 15--
Foreign Currency Checks - Domestic BanksTL 700,2%TL 2000,2%-
Foreign Currency Checks - International BanksTL 1500,2%TL 4000,2%-
Blocked / Drawn Check Fee - Real PersonsTL 250-TL 250--
Non-transaction Collection / Security Check Refund FeeTL 250-TL 250--
Promissory Note Transactions
Bill Collections-0,5% + TL 50TL 6000,5% + TL 100-
Non-transaction RefundTL 250-TL 250--
Protest annulmentTL 250-TL 250--

* 5% Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax (BITT) will be added to fees and commissions