Internet Banking

Mortgage Loans

FeeMinimum AmountMinimum RatioMaximum AmountMaximum RatioDefinition
Interest Rate   3-12 months 5.55%
13-18 months 5.57%
19-24 months 5.58%
25-36 months 5.59%
37-60 months 5.62% 61-120 months 5,64%
Exempt from BITT and RUSF.
Loan Allocation Fee    0.50% Calculated over the loan amount. BITT excluded.
Insurance AmountTRY 27158,06   The insurance amount mmonth vary according to credit amount, credit term and customer profile. Calculated over the 120-month term 150.000 TL amount.
Real Estate Lien FeeTRY  1.620   It is the fee amount collected per lien established. Exempt from BITT.
Appraisal FeeTRY 814.34    The appraisal fee varies according to the location, qualitative and gross area (m2) of the property subject to valuation. The amount of costs incurred for the expertise service and paid to third parties, institutions / organizations is collected. Exempt from BITT.
Annual Total Cost Rate   95,8947% Annual cost rate is the effective annual interest rate excluding insurance premium.