Internet Banking

Overdraft Account

CostMinimum AmountMinimum RatioMaximum AmountMaximum RatioDefinitionDate of Update
Overdraft Account Printed Statement FeeTRY 10 TRY 10 BITT and RUSF excluded.31.01.2023
Overdraft Account E-Statement Fee    Overdraft account e-statement service is provided free of charge.04.08.2018
Overdraft Account Interest Rate    


Monthly interest rate, BITT and RUSF excluded.01.11.2023
Overdraft Account Lateness Rate   4.72%Monthly interest rate, BITT and RUSF excluded. In case of failure to pay the minimum amount in the Overdraft Account statement, a monthly default interest of 4.72% will be applied on the principal included in this amount.01.11.2023